Last Minute Preparation Tips For Exams and Get Better Grades

Last Minute Preparation Tips

This article is all about the outstanding preparation that works during last minute of the examination commencement. We have come up with these cracking preparation tips for the ease of the students not scoring good marks that prevent them from succeeding the examination they are going through. With the intention of facilitating the students, we have laid the tips section wise so as to make the information relevant and comprehensive for this matter.

By following these studying tips, the students will be getting the best use of the last-minute study that becomes the obstacle of most of the students while pursuing their educations. All of this is connected to the brain of the students. But, we just not have to take the physical observation into consideration but also follow these tips as mentioned below:

1) Stop studying at-least one hour when examination starts

The fundamental idea that works behind this is that you need to give rest to your mind so that you do not get involved in the stress. You mind works the way it should only when you are all relaxed, and if you aren’t, you simply can’t focus on the study or the subject you are trying to learn. This time is the least time, the most time could be a day before the date of the examination. When you have done this (first) step, the seconds step need to be followed.

2) Revise the Abstract (Summary) of the Topic or Subject

This is just another that works perfectly when you are tensed or strained about your examination. This is for those students who have not got much time to revise the entire syllabus in depth. Just read out the summary of the subject. You can also take help from your classmates if they are with you right then so as to make the right selection of the suitable and most important topics.

3) Having read the Summary, Write Down the Main Points that you just remembered

When you are done with the revision of the summary, you need to make a list or say bulleted points or numbered list so that what you read or write stays in the mind of yours for a long time and you do not tend to forget the points while appearing for the examination. You can also bring another tip into play by saying the main points of the topic out loud. This will help you memorize the items and let them be stored in your mind’s memory.

3) Do Previous Papers

By solving the questions asked in the previously held examinations, you can increase the question-solving power and get to know other vital things, such as the format of the examination (though this works for those who are going to appear in such an exam in which they never took part before). You really need to pay the heed to these test papers. You can easily get these test papers managed by your school or university you are getting educated in or ask your seniors to get them to you.

4) Revise Stuff

After doing or following all the above-mentioned steps, what you need to do again is the revision of the particular subject for which you are going to take part in the examination. The reason why you need to do this is that, this will make you be more confident and let you test yourself or your skills to crack the exam.

We hope that these groovy last minute preparation tips might have helped you. Apart from these ones, some other crucial tips can be taken into consideration from the following section.

  • No matter what happens, you have to take the healthy food for your healthy body. As body plays an important role and is connected to the mind which helps in memorizing.
  • Be flexible. You do not have to stress your brains thinking too much about how your day went whether it went well of worse than ever. Do not oversleep; it may affect your power of memorizing.
  • Take regular pauses. The scientific research shows that when you take regular breaks between the learning time, the chances of bearing something in mind become higher. If you have an hour to study, make it 50 minutes so you can get 10 minutes off.
  • When you learn, share that with your classmates or the one who is also doing preparations for the same exam (do this only when your exam and the one you are sharing with has the same exam otherwise, there will be a conflict). This is recommended as when you prepare with one or more than one, it takes less time to reach the individual goal.
  • You might also want to do exercise, make are whether you are comfortable doing so.
  • Be relaxed. Being relaxed can help you get the rid of the strain you are having about the examination. You can experience some other exercises to do so.
  • Avoid loud music. Though this can tough for those who have been listening to the music for a long time. If you think you can keep yourself away from the music. Have some soft music.

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