How To Speak English Fluently With Correct Grammar Learn Here

How to Speak English Fluently

Most of the students get their head spinning while learning new and effective ways of learning English Fluently and with correct grammar. The problem of grammar is arising nowadays. Even those candidates who are good at speaking English sometimes get stuck with the Grammar rules. With these grammar rules, you will be able to speak English very fluently. Here goes the first rule:

Learn not only words, but also Phrases:

How to Speak English FluentlyWhile learning news word, you need to keep this in mind or need to make sure that you are not only learning Individual word, but also reviewing phrases. The trick that works here is that when you learn a, you tend to forget it soon. But, when you learn a new word also remember the situation that happened, it becomes easy for you to retain that in your mind.

  • You can note a new word down the notebook by fitting that into the sentence or phrase.

Review Grammar rules only when needed:

Studying grammar too much also leaves a great impact on your learning. The study only those rules without which you cannot go on. Such as you can start practicing many grammatical tenses, such as Past Tense, Present Tense, Future Tense, etc. To get the best experience, it is recommended to convert the speech into another. Have direct and indirect grammar rules in your English.

  • You need not think of it too much because you do not want to be fluent and “silver-tongued”.

Listen to what others say:

When you get yourself involved in a conversation with someone else, you just cannot go on talking without listening what others are saying. When it come to speaking fluently (not written English), you need to stay focused on your listening power. The listening power is an important factor in English speaking fluently. Just imagine when you cannot listen to the word clearly that are said or spoken by others, how can you reply. You simply can’t. Don’t read rather watch English movies, news on TV, etc.

  • To be a “smooth-spoken” speaker, you need to utilize your Ears, not your Eyes.
  • Take help from your friends who are engaged with English for a long time.

Go in Depth:

To know the ins and outs of English, the seekers need to go in English’s depth. You need to learn English, not as you are appearing for English examination but like you are born for it. While speaking English, you need to remember some rules of grammar unless you get fully acquainted with it. You can also do this by listening to English Speaking CDs. You can put the playing list on repetition mode so that something that you missed is not missed next time.

Try to make Mini-stories:

What makes you away from forgetting the words that you have recently learned is the Mini-stories point of view. This is the most powerful tool of learning English keep them for unforgotten for a long time. Try to make your stories as simple as possible. When you start doing well, you can for the higher level.

  • You can practice doing so, by changing the present tense in future or future tense in past or in some other ways suitable to you.

Use English Material only:

Another way of speaking English in a best or suitable way is using only that stuff which is in the English language. If you love watching movies, this can be a good opportunity for you. Be connected with those people who have been speaking for many years. Best recommendations are to have the conversation with those whose native language is English. You have to watch magazines, audio articles, TV shows, movies, radio talk shows, and audio books.

Be confident while answering:

You need to be confident. You do not have to hesitate in answering questions that are put by the one who is making questions. When you are asked a question, you firstly need to hear it carefully and clearly. Once you understand the mean and sense of the question, you can answer that question without hesitatingly. Do not forget that you are the only one who can do it.

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